One woman's mission to do it all, loudly, and mean it!


    One woman's mission to do it all, loudly, and mean it!

All Crows Are Black

Debut EP

Committed to your Suicide

A dark take on the world that explores feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, fear and revulsion. All the tracks are reflections of personal thoughts and feelings.

Identity is dedicated to the memory of Leelah Alcorn d.28/12/2014.

Rest in Power


The Music

Brutal, melodic, guttural, the All Crows are Black sound comes from an analogue mind expressed in a digital idiom.
The music draws influences from classic and contemporary metal across four decades.

I'm a sucker for classic Maiden, Motorhead and early Metallica; that's what I grew up on. As a bass player first and foremost Steve Harris remains one of my all time heroes and Lemmy and the late great Cliff Burton were also major influences. In '84 I got Venom's At War With Satan, which totally blew me away! Whatever happened to 20 minute songs!? I was really into the early thrash scene in the late 80s too and pretty much had Reign in Blood on continuous repeat on my Walkman (anyone remember those?) throughout 1989.

That same year Faith No More's The Real Thing was released and I picked up that funk metal vibe and carried it into the 90s via a major detour to the weird and wonderful Primus land. Weirdly, in all this time I never played in a band that was producing the music that I was listing too.

I think it was because I found the environment for a bass player a bit restrictive, so I started doing my own stuff on a four track. Later, when I started thinking about playing guitar as well as bass I was listening mostly to Rammstein, Trivium and Machine Head a lot so there are obviously influences there, but in truth the 80's are never far from the tips of my fingers, and influence of Dave Murray and Adrian Smith.

The Sounds

When It comes to drums, it all just sort of appeared in my head. I always loved Nicko McBrain's style and Lars Urich of course and probably a bit of Phil 'Philthy Animal' Taylor is in there too along with Travis Smith, but I never really thought about drumming much, it just sort of came when I tried to play (although getting half way competent took ages!).

My vocal style is the same. I love Matt Heafy's voice and Robb Flynn rawness and energy, and I've also been influenced a lot by Mike Patton, Chad Gray, Till Lindemann and James Hetfield. My natural range is lower than most of those (except Lindemann) though, so whatever I do it's never quiet going to be vocally where most mainstream metal is. The vocal style of Committed... isn't really what I was going for; I mean, it's not what I thought would work and what I would do, it just kind of ended up that way.

The Gear

For Committed... the ACB sound was carved out using an Ibanez S7420 7-String guitar, a Yamaha TRB-5 bass, a 1987 Marshall JCM 800 bass rig and a Yamaha DTXpress IV drum kit. The guitar and bass tones were processed through Line 6's Pod Farm 2 and the drum sound through IK Multimedia's Addictive Drums The EP was engineered in Cubase Artist 6 using a Steinbery CI2+ Audio interface and Zoom R16 control surface. All Crows are Black uses Ernie Ball Slinky guitar strings, D'Addario bass strings and Tama Japanese Oak sticks.

The gear that is sculpting the All Crows are Black sound in 2015 now includes Ernie Ball Slinky Cobalt strings, an Ibanez BTB 676 bass and a Laney RB8 amp. The Ibanez S7420 has been modified with a Bare Knuckle Pickups' Aftermath calibrated set. Signal processing is now undertaken with Amplitube 3 and predominantly Waves plugins in Cubase Artist 8.



Online platforms like SoundCloud blow open the secret world of the mainstream music industry. What I did with 'Committed...' is post every part and mix as the writing and production process evolved, warts and all. I think that you lose ownership of music the moment it is created. it's out there to be interpreted and understood in different ways by everybody; what it means to me is important - to me - what it means to someone else is for them. The listener owns the music not the producer.

SoundCloud Audio Player
SoundCloud Player

New All Crows are Black material appears on SoundCloud on a regular basis, most of it works in progress.

I want people to get involved and understand that I, like all bands or musicians however feted, go through a process; a process fraught with errors and punctuated by occasional triumphs. Music is a transition from a state of nothingness to emotion expressed in sound so unlike mainstream artists, I want my fans to be part of that process, experience the transition, hear the great ideas and laugh at the rubbish, not simply consume the end product.

​Because All Crows are Black is a solo project it takes time, but that also gives freedom and time to engage. Check out the SoundCloud links and be a part of it.



Thanks for exploring my music so far

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